• The winner will be the eligible participant who submits 6/6 entirely correct predictions (i.e. all six of the predictions they submit are correct).
  • There can only be (1) winner for this game.
  • If more than one eligible participant submits 6/6 correct predictions, the winner will be the participant who submitted their predictions first (determined by the timestamp of the user’s latest submission of picks, if they have edited their selections during the Contest Period). 
  • If no eligible participant submits 6/6 correct predictions, no prize will be awarded.



If two or more eligible participants are tied for a winning place, the prize will be awarded to the participant who submitted their final prediction earliest.
If a potential winner is disqualified or their entry is declared void for any of the reasons set in the General Rules, such person forfeits their claim to any portion of the relevant prize the prize will be awarded to the next runner up.
The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible Participants and the accuracy of predictions made.
There is only one entry per person per round.
All participants must be over 21 and resident in US (excluding Rhode Island) or Canada to enter. Residents of Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in this Game or win a prize. Please see section 1.1 of the General Rules for additional eligibility requirements.
By participating in this game, you agree to accept and comply with our with these Specific Rules and our General Rules. Please read them carefully before participating. To the extent there is any conflict between this Specific Rules and the General Rules, the rules in these Specific Rules will prevail.


How do I play?

1. Click the make your picks button to enter the game

2. Make your Picks - Carefully select an answer for each of the Predictor questions on the game

3. Login or create an account to lock your picks in

4. Tune in- Stay up to date with the latest standings at AVP.com  and don't forget to come back and check your progress on the leaderboard!

5. Win yourself an AVP Ltd. Edition Backpack & Official Wilson AVP Game Ball! ! 

What can I win?

Don't miss your chance to win an AVP Ltd. Edition Backpack & Official Wilson AVP Game Ball!!

Is it free to play?

Yes its completely free to play!

How will I be contacted if I win?

The AVP Predictor team will contact you via your email address used to play the game if you are a winner of a prize. 

How can I win?

Users must get perfect score from the game. There can only be (1) winning user from the game. Users who have the same amount of points will be split using their submission timestamp. Users entry timestamp will be determined from their last entry created, edited entries will use the latest applicable time. 


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